Garage Door Cables

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Garage door cables are essential for the door’s operation. Two cables are attached at each side of the door to a bottom bracket (see Figure 1 (a); located at the bottom corner of the door) and to a pulley (see Figure 1 (b); aka drum; at the top of the garage frame, sitting on a tube). When the garage door goes up, the cables loop around the drums in dedicated slots. Thus, it is at utmost importance that these cables are evenly tight on both sides of the door, otherwise the door would go up crooked and potentially fall off track. 

bottom bracket cable connection drum and cable

Figure 1. (a) cable and bottom bracket connection. (b) cable wrapped around drum/pulley.

You know it is time to replace your garage door cables if they snap, frayed, or are rusty (see Figure 2; due to weather conditions and moisture; an indicator that they are about to snap). It is not only dangerous when a cable snaps (could hit someone like a whip), but can cause multiple issues with the garage door mechanism. Thus, it is important to routinely take a look at the cables and call a garage door company in the case where one of the above indicators is found. 

rusty cable unraveled cable

Figure 2. Rusty and frayed cables, respectively.

If your garage door cables are frayed, it may be due to the drum slots degradation. When this occurs, the cable, instead of looping around the drum inside the slots, loops around itself and causing the unraveling of the cable strings. But don’t worry! We will help you out with both diagnosing and replacing malfunctioning drums and cables.

At Bulldog Garage Doors, our expert technicians, along with our high-quality cables, will assure you that your garage door operation is smooth, even, and balanced. So, if you are a resident of the New Haven, CT area and need your garage door cables changed, give us a call today to schedule an appointment and get your garage door up and running in a jiffy!