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A wooden garage door says quite a bit by itself. It provides a sense of elegance while remaining natural. Mahogany, hemlock, cedar, and custom stains available to all of our clients add a bit of class without trying too hard to stand out. If appearance is the precedent, our wooden garage doors are the ideal option for you.


Maybe you prefer functionality over fashion. At Garage Door Repair New Haven, CT, we provide steel doors of the highest quality. They are insulated to decrease your electricity bills when it comes time to keep out the elements. Our steel garage doors also add security from potential intruders. Their sturdy construction keeps you and your possessions safe and sound. They also come in various color options to meet your exact preferences and remain low-maintenance for the entirety of their operation.


 For those who prefer a more archaic appearance (and the esteem that comes with it), consider our carriage garage doors. It functions identical to an overhead garage door but bears the look of a countryside, old-fashioned carriage stable. You can’t go wrong with the classics.

installation process

Placing Tracks

Our professionals first measure out the dimensions of your garage. The type of door being installed is taken into consideration, of course. Tracks for the door are then securely installed along the walls.

Installing the Door

With the tracks in place, it is time to install the door itself. Each panel is put in place with durable hinges and screws according to the material used. A new door is built on site to remain certain that there are a proper fit and efficient operations.


After the door is installed, it is always important to maintain it. Your Garage Door Repair New Haven CT are available 24/7 for on-site garage door maintenance. We will balance, tune, and lube the door for efficient functioning. Think ahead and keep that door functioning at its optimal level with us.


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Garage Door Repair New Haven CT