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Did your garage door opener fail? Do you have a manually-operated garage door and you are tired of the hastle of openeing and closing the garage door? Or maybe you are just looking for a new, slick-looking, and high-quality garage door opener that includes all the bells and whistles and comes with a warranty? You are in the right place! At Bulldog Garage Doors, we carry the highly-renowned LiftMaster garage door openers.

Chain-Drive Opener

Chain-drive openers are the most common amongst garage door openers in the U.S. The chain runs along the rail that’s located between the motor and the door, via a sprocket. Our LiftMaster chain-drive opener is one of the best openers out there. With a 1-piece rail and a 1/2 HP motor, the LiftMaster chain-drive opener is your best bet, both in terms of affordability and reliability. This opener is equipped with two remotes for your car, a pair of safety sensors, a wall-activation button, and an outside keypad. Oh, and it has a Wi-Fi capability, too, so you could operate your garage door from your mobile phone from wherever you might be!

Belt-Drive Opener

If your garage door is nearby a bedroom or you are just looking for a quiet opener, a belt-drive opener is what you are looking for! Our 1/2 HP belt-drive LiftMaster opener is, like the chain-drive opener, fully equipped with Wi-Fi connection, sensors, remotes, a wall-button, and a keypad. When it comes down to lifespan, the chain and belt openers are roughly the same. However, if the door is not fully balanced, the belt-drive opener seems to be more durable. However, durability and quietness come with a slightly higher price point than the that of the chain-drive opener.

Screw-Drive Opener & Jackshaft

Though chain and belt-driven openers are most commonly found on residential garage doors, screw-drive openers and Jackshaft (side-mount) openers are not uncommon. At the moment, we do not service these types of openers.

Why Choose Bulldog Garage Doors?

  • Top-quality LiftMaster garage door openers
  • Warranty (extended warranty available)
  • Professional garage door technicians
  • Locally owned, operated, and insured