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Belt Drive

Belt drive openers are the same as chain drive openers in principle, but belt drives are quieter! Belt drive openers have been rated #1 in the industry due to their ability to hone the reliability of the chain drive without the noise. Even though belt drive openers are more expensive than the chain drives, you just might appreciate their silence.

Screw Drive

If you’re working on a budget, the screw drive opener may be right for you. It is the cheapest option for garage door openers as it uses a simple threaded steel rod as opposed to chains or belts. Cheaper cost calls for some sacrifices, though. The screw drive opener is the loudest of the available options and is only recommended if you live in an area boasting consistent weather patterns. Constantly varying weather patterns interfere with the functionality of the opener, and so it does not hold the versatility of the previous two. Even so, the screw drive garage door opener gets the job done.


Did you ever notice how some electric garage door openers seem a bit cumbersome when you’re trying to store larger items in the rafters of your garage? Us too. The Jackshaft garage door opener is mounted on the wall of the garage near the tracks. It is a quiet and space-efficient option run by a DC motor.

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Garage Door Repair New Haven CT