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The Proper Equipment

The wrong spring in the wrong place can be detrimental. Our workers won’t waste your time with faulty springs or a shortage of the proper tools for the job. After scrutinizing the condition of the door and the type of springs installed previously, we carefully select the right garage door springs for your individual door. The springs are chosen based on weight and size and undergo a balance test to ensure they correct for the weight of the door. This prevents unnecessary future visits due to a set of springs which cannot support the weight of the door and break too easily

Safety and Efficiency

The typical number of cycles any given set of garage door springs can endure is 5,000-10,000 cycles (opening and closing the door once). Our springs are composed of a durable, high-grade steel and are guaranteed to last for 25,000-50,000 cycles for a long-lasting level of functioning you will not find anywhere else! Every spring is coated with a weather-resistant powder preventing corrosion and gradual damage from friction. Although we are confident in our products and provide free safety inspections after installations to make sure that all safety standards are met, we understand that peace of mind cannot be understated. This is why we provide the garage door repair industry’s best warranty and even offer an extended warranty option. Have any of our springs broken before the end of the warranty? Give Garage Doors New Haven, CT a call and we’ll replace them at no cost!

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Garage Door Repair New Haven CT