Garage Door Services | New Haven, CT

At Bulldog Garage Doors, we provide a wide variety of residential garage door repair and installation services. Our services include the installation of new garage doors (Clopay brand); openers installation (LiftMaster and Chamberlain brands); replacement of broken garage door torsion springs; conversion to a torsion spring system; replacing broken cables and drums/pulleys; replacement of rollers (we carry high-quality nylon rollers with ball bearings); programming of remotes and keypads; and much more!

We offer 24/7 garage door services in New Haven, Hamden, Bridgeport, Milford, Branford, Orange, Shelton, Ansonia, Madison, North Haven, East Haven, West Haven, Woodbridge, Meriden, and more.

If you need to schedule an appointment, get a quote, or just ask for assistance over-the-phone, we are here to help you 24/7, all year long! Call us today at (203) 404-4824.

Garage Door Springs

It’s early morning and time to go to work. You enter your car and click on the garage door remote to open the garage door, and… nothing happens, the door is not going up / going up about a foot and stops. If this situation sounds familiar, most likely your garage door spring(s) broke. Unlike what many people think, the ability to operate a garage door comes not from the electric opener, but rather from the springs. The industry’s standard (i.e. the most commonly found springs on residential garage doors) is the torsion spring. This type of spring usually sits on a tube at the top of the garage frame, centered on a bracket that’s connected to the garage. This spring is loaded with tension when the door is in the “closed” position, and, with two screws, holds onto the tube. Thus, when the door goes up, the tension on the spring allows us to manually operate the garage door.

The Proper Equipment

The wrong spring in the wrong place can be detrimental. Our technicians won’t waste your time with faulty springs or a shortage of the proper tools for the job. After scrutinizing the condition of the door and the type of springs installed previously, we carefully select the right garage door springs for your individual door. The springs are chosen based on weight and size and undergo a balance test to ensure they correct for the weight of the door. This prevents unnecessary future visits due to a set of springs which cannot support the weight of the door and break too easily

Safety and Efficiency

The typical number of cycles any given set of garage door springs can endure is 5,000-10,000 cycles (opening and closing the door once). Our springs are composed of durable, high-grade steel and are guaranteed to last for 25,000-50,000 cycles for a long-lasting level of functioning you will not find anywhere else! Every spring is coated with a weather-resistant powder preventing corrosion and gradual damage from friction. Although we are confident in our products and provide free safety inspections after installations to make sure that all safety standards are met, we understand that peace of mind cannot be understated. This is why we provide a warranty and even offer an extended warranty option. Have any of our springs broken before the end of the warranty? Give Bulldog Garage Doors a call and we’ll replace them at no cost!

Garage Door Openers

Chain-Drive Opener

Chain-drive openers are the most common amongst garage door openers in the U.S. The chain runs along the rail that’s located between the motor and the door, via a sprocket. Our LiftMaster chain-drive opener is one of the best openers out there. With a 1-piece rail and a 1/2 HP motor, the LiftMaster chain-drive opener is your best bet, both in terms of affordability and reliability. This opener is equipped with two remotes for your car, a pair of safety sensors, a wall-activation button, and an outside keypad. Oh, and it has a Wi-Fi capability, too, so you could operate your garage door from your mobile phone from wherever you might be!

Belt-Drive Opener

If your garage door is nearby a bedroom or you are just looking for a quiet opener, a belt-drive opener is what you are looking for! Our 1/2 HP belt-drive LiftMaster opener is, like the chain-drive opener, fully equipped with Wi-Fi connection, sensors, remotes, a wall-button, and a keypad. When it comes down to lifespan, the chain and belt openers are roughly the same. However, if the door is not fully balanced, the belt-drive opener seems to be more durable. However, durability and quietness come with a slightly higher price point than that of the chain-drive opener.

Screw-Drive Opener & Jackshaft

Though chain and belt-driven openers are most commonly found on residential garage doors, screw-drive openers and Jackshaft (side-mount) openers are not uncommon. At the moment, we do not service these types of openers.

Garage Door Repair in New Haven, CT

We offer same-day services at a reasonable cost. Whether your opener is malfunctioning or the garage door springs broke, Bulldog Garage Doors, New Haven, CT, is available for you! We offer 24/7 emergency services. Our fleet of fully stocked trucks is prepared to assist our residential clients anytime. Why waste time and money on learning garage door repair by yourself when the pros are right around the corner? We will take care of any issue that you might have. Garage door opener, springs, cables, tracks, or even the garage door itself? Don’t worry! We will complete the task with efficiency and accuracy, on the spot.